unique solutions for Interior and exterior spaces



  Simion Asandi

Sculptor with postgraduate studies (master's degree) in the field of fine arts and the vast experience of over 30 years, I address all needs and tastes, decorative and artistic ambience, offering unique solutions for Interior and exterior spaces.

  I run unique works, starting from: Mural art (decorations directly on the wall), mural painting, sculpture/altorelief, any model;
-environmental sculpture for your home and garden of various sizes, including monumental, client's choice;
-busts and statues;
-full range of decorative items;
-style furnishings; -lighting fixtures, chandeliers, apply wall;
-railings and capitals;

    The materials used are: wood, stone, marble, granite, bronze, cement, plaster, metal, composite materials, and epoxy resins reinforced with glass fibre and carbon.


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